Black and White Street Art Photography

As a street photographer, my perspective centers on the use of shadow as the underlying canvas. For me, the interplay between light and dark evokes the basic structure of the universe, where black appears in the absence of light.

Through high contrast black and white photography, I aim to capture the creation of things through light. I believe that light cannot exist without the darkness of black, and vice versa. This interaction between black and white gives us enormous opportunities to reshape reality through how we perceive it.

To me, the amount of black in an image determines life’s profound power in imagining the world by abstracting reality.

By using shadow as my primary tool, I strive to capture the essence of the moment in a way that transcends reality and reveals something deeper about the human experience. In my view, street photography is not just about capturing the world as it is, but also about capturing the world as it could be, and inviting the viewer to participate in that creative process.

Street photography by Tayfun Delice
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