Tayfun Delice holds a degree in philosophy and logic with a primary focus on the philosophy of science, a passion that continues to inspire him today. His educational journey extended into the realms of cinema and multimedia, where he excels in various capacities, serving as a director, producer, and consultant within the film industry.

Early on, his curiosity for emerging and advanced technologies opened the door to the world of software coding. He has lent his creative and innovative talents to numerous projects, making a lasting impact.

Tayfun is a self-taught computer programmer, a skilled photographer, and a proficient 3D artist. He’s not only an artist but also a writer, delving into articles on life and philosophy. Moreover, he has shared his expertise as a consultant in both media and IT fields.

His fascination with photography was sparked at a young age, inspired by the works of Magnum photographers. This passion led him into the world of photography, where he continues to capture moments that resonate with his inner feelings. With a preference for showcasing his photographic endeavors on this website, Tayfun has dedicated a significant portion of it to his photographic work.

For inquiries or requests, please feel free to reach out via contact page.