Reconnective Healing

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Reconnective Healing is a process that accesses and reconnects with the Field of infinite supply of Energy, Love, Light and Wisdom that surrounds us, reawakening the same from the depth of our being, to allow for regeneration and returning to an optimal state of balance on all levels: Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, and Spiritually.

The Practitioner is a mere catalyst of a process of reconnecting with our infinite Source, therefore facilitating a return to our Wholeness. And, it is palpable. The scientific studies done along the years have shown that there is a vibrational shift happening in our very cells. Our DNA is changing. We begin to emit higher Levels of Light.

As a consequence, our Lives become more coherent and balanced.

The Practitioner does not direct the session and there is no promise or guarantee of outcome: each person’s transformation or healing will be unique. It is attracted by

our highest self in a particular specific time of our life and evolution and infact only if we are ready for it, always only for our highest good.​

Reconnective Healing is not a therapy and yet shifts usually begin to take place on multiple levels in a very short time.

It may be on a physical level. It may be on a mental or emotional level: deep inner peace, higher self-esteem, profound inner and exterior changes. It may be that a relationship has become easier or a challenge at work has disappeared, or, people have shared receiving the missing idea or link to a situation with which they had been struggling. It might be a reconnection to our Spiritual Path, enabling us to start our sadhana, our spiritual practices again, with new enthusiasm and discipline.

Again, each person will receive what is most appropriate for them.

Reconnective Healing Session
A Reconnective Healing session is offered as a single hands off 30 minutes session , laying down on a massage bed table closed eyes, completely dressed, in suggested cycles of three sessions – if people are experiencing a specific challenge in their lives – done every two, three days, or one day after the other, according to the circumstances. The frequencies with which we are reconnected keep on working even after the session for a long time.

During the session you could feel a profound peace and relaxation and you could notice several peculiar physical sensations as the energy starts to work at each level of your being.

Reconnective Healing Sessions at a distance
Reconnective Healing sessions done from a distance have the same effect of those done with the person physically present. The distance does not affect nor diminish the effects of Reconnective Healing.

I take an appointment for a certain date and time, I send a message before starting, you lay down for the same 30 minutes of a classic session and afterwards we talk over the phone about your experience.

It can be a good solution for children, animals, and for those who can not lay down easily on a bed.

Tayfun Delice is not a medical doctors nor claim to be so: he doesn’t make diagnosis or prescriptions, the methods he uses can not be considered a therapy in the common sense of the word and he doesn’t guarantee specific results. He suggests to consult a medical doctor to take care of your physical state, recommending not to reduce or suspend the medical therapies that are already on course.


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